icelandic field recordings bonus video

...and then she was gone... from tyler newman on Vimeo.

...and then she was gone... from tyler newman on Vimeo.

filmed on location in iceland, september 2014.

features bonus track by negative_crush. 


icelandic field recordings - now available!

there's a new set of field recordings available for free download, and all tracks (except bonus material) is under Creative Commons 'reuse with attribution' license. downloading the set also unlocks an additional bonus video, shot entirely on location in various parts of iceland; set to a brand new unreleased track from negative_


greatest review ever - negative_crush 'invisible_weapons'

so, it's rare to get a review that really encapsulates the totality of an album. which makes this review, from the nice folks at idie:youdie, the best one we've ever seen.

"An exciting and affecting new direction for a long-standing industrial musician, invisible_weapons might have less in common with any of his earlier work than anything Newman’s tried his hand at, but that only makes its success more impressive. Recommended."

 another very solid review can also be found here, at newnoisemagazine:

"Amazingly, despite the post-metal and noise, this one’s quite catchy and unique. This is the band we all hoped Ministry would become."


negative_crush interview and review! 

press is starting to roll in for the debut negative_crush album 'invisible_weapons". you can click the links below to follow through to an interview that talks a bit about the project's origin and future plans; as well as a pretty great review from intravenous magazine in the u.k. check it out!

intravenous magazine review!

interview with negative_crush at absolute zero media!


negative_crush - debut album now available for pre-order!

at long last, the debut album from negative_crush, "invisible_weapons", is now available for pre-order!! if you are a fan of Jesu, NIN, My Bloody Valentine, or are well versed in my other projects Battery Cage or Informatik, this record may well appeal to you! so get in there, buddy!


spanish field recordings conclude in barcelona

the third and final release in the spanish field recordings series is now available. focusing on environments recorded in barcelona, this is a solid hour of delightful field recordings for use in films or music. 

you can download the set for free at the store, or right here on the site.


spanish field recordings - second release

the second release in our series of spanish field recordings, covering san sebastian and bilbao, has been released! stay tuned for next week's release, which covers barcelona, and concludes the series.

you can download the set at the store, for free, or just download it here on the site.


spanish field recordings kicks off three part series

a three part series of field recordings from spain will be coming over the next few weeks. the series begins with a two hour set of recordings taken in madrid and calpe.

you can download the set at the store, it is free to download and perfect for use in films or any other audio purpose. or you can just listen to it here on the site.



white.light.monorail "welcome to our domed future" is released!

the debut album from white.light.monorail, "welcome to our domed future", is now released, available in both digital and physical formats. 

it is a new project from tyler newman & paul savio (battery cage), and focuses more on instrumental electronics, touching on synthpop, industrial, retrowave and downtempo. 

now available from all digital retailers (itunes, amazon, etc) as well as via bandcamp.

you should really buy this album, it's a very good one.


aec - 'sex.drug.sequence' gets great reviews.

some early reviews are in, and they are all pretty great:

"This is a perfect-as-can-be sounding album in this specific genre whose compositions provide an always entertaining and diverse sounding listening experience."  - ChainD.L.K

"I would say that this is an amazing album that fits both well in the club and in the bedroom. Close your eyes let the music speak and take you through an amazing journey that will not disappoint."  - Grave Concerns

"...“Sex.Drug.Sequence” is still a great listen, especially for those who appreciate the deeper side of music rather than hard beats and the party scene." - Das Klub

you should really go buy this album.


aec - 'sex.drug.sequence' album is released!

10 years after the album's completion, the new album from aec 'sex.drug.sequence' is now available in digital and compact disc formats. 

the album serves as a bridge between the Battery Cage album 'World Wide Wasteland' and the Informatik album 'Re:Vision', as it was recorded between those particular records.




'zonekiller' track used in borisfx commercial!

recently licensed the song 'slomo' out to video software company BorisFX, which they used in this sweet promo video for their new BCC v9 software. definitely check it out.



new album from the valley of wolves is complete!


there is a new record out from the valley of wolves. it is called "play machines", and it sounds pretty different from the previous albums. it's much more electronic and is based more on improvisation than on endless layering. more synthesizers and fewer guitars. you can check it out and purchase by clicking here.



website refresh

revamped the entire website to clean up the UI and improve the embedded media players. take a look around, let us know if there are any obvious bugs, and for fuck's sake buy something (or download something free)


'continental divide' now available for free download!

the latest release from one horse town, 'continental divide', is now available for free download! clocking in at 2.5 hours, this EP release covers the creation of the first trans-continental railroad in the united states. check it out here


'zonekiller' reviews continued...

some nice new reviews have rolled in over the past weeks from our good friends at ReGen and iDie:youDie

"It will be interesting to see the finished film with the score in place, but until then, Tyler Newman’s Zonekiller would make for a wonderful soundtrack to any sci-fi adventure, be it in film or even video game form."  - from

"...there’s no sense in letting Newman’s addictive compositions kill time in the penalty box in the interim: for your next Shadowrun table-top sesh, play-through of Blood Dragon, or trip through your mind’s eye’s own urban wasterland, Zonekiller is a must-have accessory." - from

awesome stuff, and much appreciated!


photos and review

photos from our recent trip to spain are now viewable here. the photos cover calpe, madrid, san sebastian, and barcelona.

here is a great review from tyler newman's new film soundtrack 'zonekiller':

"This is a soundtrack album that could have been recorded 20 years ago, in all of its analog glory. That is, if you convinced Alan Parsons to lend you a 96 channel Neve console and a room full classic synthesisers."




news from the valley of wolves

graham says: 

"working on a new record at the moment seems like its been slow going but everything started coming together recently a little faster than expected so i think it will be out by the end of the year it doesnt have a name yet but reduces the guitar more than the other records so probably the title will reflect that"

from what i've heard so far, it's definitely more abstract and electronic than the other records, and is a significant shift from the black metal influences of the last album. i'm waiting on the sessions so i can start mixing, but it's definitely going to be fun material to work with!


'zonekiller (original motion picture soundtrack)' is now shipping

'zonekiller (original motion picture soundtrack)' is now available through our store in both physical and digital formats!it leans towards the industrial and ambient genres, contains 17 songs, and is one hour long.


new video from one horse town: 'figures seen on the horizon'

 a new video from one horse town has been released, for the song 'figures seen on the horizon', taken from the album 'the oregon trail (original soundtrack)'. the film was shot on location in lake tahoe, ca in the summer of 2013.