Originally conceived by Tyler Newman as a Battery Cage side-project, AEC quickly took on a life of it's own during the recording of the debut album "Hate Life". While the sessions that led to the Battery Cage debut "Product" were mired down with frequent band in-fighting and downtime, Tyler worked throughout 1997 on a series of songs reflecting the ugliness of his mental state at that time. During a period of depression, frustration, and heavy drug use, songs like "Jealous Much" and "Burned Alive" started receiving club play across the US, accompanied by sporadic live shows. As Battery Cage began to take more of his time, Tyler shelved the album for months at a time, finally completing the first record in 2001. However, with no immediate label interest, the project was put on ice.

In 2003, a chance meeting with Stacey P. revived interest in the band, and a new album was quickly underway. Discarding the brutal industrial sound of it's predecessor, "sex.drug.sequence" was conceived of as a synthpop dancefloor oriented record, featuring a more current sound and breathtaking female vocals. With songs like "Supernatural", "Still", and "Cliche", the album revolves around themes of love, heartbreak, and death, remaining a more coherent statement than "Hate Life". Finally completed in 2005, the record was not immediately picked up for release, until now.