"balinese field recordings" is the fourteenth release from solid.grey.sky.recordings.

all recordings were captured in bali, indonesia between may and june two thousand eleven. recorded direct to minidisc, using a sony ecm stereo microphone, then edited and mastered using digital performer.


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field notes:

bhanuswari nightlife one - this recording was taken during the jet lag adjustment, sometime around three a.m. local time. recorded at the bhanuswari resort, ubud. the microphone is pointed at a cluster of large plants, and you can distinctly hear the kitchen at the resort, as well as an aircon unit.

high frequency insects - this was recorded in a forest at mid-day. the ever present sound of motorbikes appears, though i tried my best to edit it out. recorded in ubud. the microphone is pointed down towards a stream that's teeming with insect life.

bhanuswari roadway - recorded alongside a road near bhanuswari resort, ubud. the microphone is pointed at a variety of targets, mostly surveying a large rice field. a nearby temple construction site is also audible. 

the gecko speaks - recorded in tirta gangga during a massive rainstorm. the gecko appeared out of nowhere, and occupies much of the left channel, while the microphone remains pointed at the rice fields.

bhanuswari nightlife two (rainstorm) - this was recorded during a small rainshower sometime around two am local time. the microphone is pointed at a swimming pool from a different direction than 'bhanuswari nightlife one'. the sound of rain dripping off the hotel roof is very audible, and the animal life is much more active.

ubud windy road - recorded mid-day on a narrow backroad near the sacred monkey forest in ubud. the microphone points at a variety of targets, including a stand of trees, a small stream, a rice field, and several residential homes. unfortunately, no monkeys were recorded.


This recording is issued under the Creative Commons attribution non-commercial share-alike license. You are free to share it, and sample sounds from it. You are not free to resell it, or release it without the owners permission.