A collection of releases featuring collaborative efforts by solid.grey.sky.recordings artists and others.



everything goes cold - solaris [met778 | 2012]

In mid-2011, Tyler received the following email from Everything Goes Cold frontman Eric 'Pineapple Head' Gottesman:

"do you have like 3 minutes of interesting ambient noise you'd be interested in contributing? the feel we're looking for is basically "the vast expanses of space." i was planning on getting samples of desert winds if we don't find anything more interesting first."

Having helmed a number of productions that channel the vast expanses of space, this seemed like a no-brainer and a few weeks later, his contributions to 'Solaris' were finished. It is the first track on the new EGC album, because it is scientifically proven to be better than the rest of the songs on the album.



the squidhead liberation front - what time is love [promo only | 2008]

What began as a drunken dare on Belgium's number one topiary website [Side-Line], eventually snowballed into this ridiculous (and ridiculously excellent) single. Featuring alternate mixes from Everything Goes Cold and XP8, this cover version of the KLF's timeless classic 'What Time Is Love' includes vocals from Tyler Newman and Victoria from Claire Voyant.

There is a great live video performance that can be found here.



caustic - the humpty dance [crunch 052.5 | 2007]

Originally written by rap supergroup Digital Underground, Tyler Newman lent his vocal stylings on this cover performance of 'The Humpty Dance' recorded by Caustic. It appears on the "Bonus Disc" of Caustic's debut album 'Booze Up And Riot'.



sleep chamber - species interruptus vol.1 [xxx002 | 2009]

This album was derived from live recordings from the bands 1997 live tour in Germany, which featured a 21 year old Tyler Newman on synthesizers and electronic percussion.

The recordings were apparently lost for over a decade prior to the release of this album. 



stromkern - stand up (army of darkness remix) - [mind089 |2005]

Army of Darkness was a one-off collaboration between Tyler Newman and Kelley Shaffer of Stromkern, who teamed up to remix Stromkern's latest single 'Stand Up' in 2005.



prospero - spreading the infection [subrume 001 | 2004]

Canadian power noise artist Prospero teamed up with Tyler Newman on the dancefloor smash 'Let The Planet Burn', which received extensive club play in 2004. The song would become a staple of Prospero's live sets, featuring a variety of guest vocals. The song appears in remixed form on various compilations.