"continental divide" is the twenty third release from solid.grey.sky.recordings. It is available as a free digital download only.

continental divide is the result of researching the origin of the trans-continental railroad effort that changed the course of the history of the United States.

"Considered as a series of events, the trans-continental railroad shaped the United States by allowing migration and settlement of previously unknown terrain. I considered this a valuable metaphor for the creative process, in which unknowns slowly become known, even though they may take unexpected directions and forms. Like the taming of the continent by the railroad, considered by any scholar to be a brutal and often violent process, the music seems at turns extremely placid and sonically violent itself."

The album consists of a selection of four songs, seamlessly blended together, to provide an uninterrupted two and a half hour soundscape that explores the sonic journey from one coast to another coast, through mountains, deserts and various uncharted metaphysical locations.



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