'Ecstasy' is the second official release from solid.grey.sky.recordings. It is available in digital format only.

"We pressed it ourselves, hand cut the covers, filled the packaging, did the mailing...it was all very DIY. We pressed up about 200 copies or so, and sent them out to radio and club dj's to help advance promote the 'World Wide Wasteland' album. It did pretty well, appearing on club and radio playlists all over the world."

Designed as the lead single for their debut 'World.Wide.Wasteland', 'Ecstasy' was a club hit around the world. Featuring three unique club friendly versions, a 12" remix of the b-side, as well as the album version; 'Ecstasy' was the track that won them the attention of Metropolis Records and led to the first of many releases for the label. For fans of futurepop, coldwave, and EBM!


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