these recordings were taken during a late summer vacation to iceland during 2014. locations recorded were gulfoss, hella, vik, höfn, svinafellsjokull, and reykjavik. 

in all cases, the audio is only edited to remove undesirable microphone handling, input overloads (usually due to wind), or unexpected events. in some cases, the tracks were left unedited to keep the environmental impact unchanged. 

these tracks can be freely downloaded for use in film or other audio productions. please provide credit, should you choose to use them.

all recordings made by tyler newman in iceland during 2014. edits and mastering done by tyler newman in oakland during 2016. all tracks recorded using a tascam hard disk recorder and roland binaural microphones.


field notes: 

gullfoss: recorded on a day trip to the mighty waterfall ‘gullfoss’, from various observation platforms. the key challenge to this location was the unstoppable screams of children, but i feel like i was able to mostly shield the recording from that. 

bonus supermarket (hella): recorded while shopping for dinner at the bonus supermarket in hella. 

jökulsárlón glacier lagoon: recorded in the mid-afternoon along the banks of the jökulsárlón glacier lagoon during a day trip from höfn. unfortunately, there’s a bit of wind noise as it was quite windy that day, but you can hear large floating chunks of icebergs colliding and collapsing against one another. 

black sand beach (vik): unedited recording of an extremely windy day on the black sand beach at vik. 

nighttime in höfn: recorded on a late evening walk along a natural peninsula near silfurbraut, in höfn. you can sense the near total stillness, with only some distant cars and some overhead birds being audible. 

höfn portside loading docks: recorded in the morning near the visitor centre at the höfn port. you can hear boats being loaded, cars passing and some kind of construction happening. boats are leaving and entering the port during this time. 

svínafellsjökull glacial cave in rainstorm: after a multi hour hike across skaftafell in a light rain, we came upon an ice cave inside the glacier. the roof of the cave had a large hole carved through it by the rainwater, and the rain poured through into a pool of water about twenty five feet across. this recording was made from an ice ledge above and facing the pool, and you can hear the glacier with the sound of the rain coming through the roof. 

birds on leifsgata (reykjavik): on the very worst day of my life, i went outside to record the birds singing in the morning sunshine. despite the warmth of the sun, the wind was cold, and the birds were of no comfort to me, despite the beauty of their cacophonous cries. 

bells of hallgrimskirkja (reykjavik):
recorded at hallgrimskirkja in the afternoon. for such a visually impressive church structure, i’ll admit i was a bit disappointed in the timbre of the bells, which i’d expected to be deeper. 

afternoon stroll on laugavegur (reykjavik):
on one of many solo walks around reykjavik, it occurred to me to make a recording of the main shopping boulevard, laugavegur. it’s level of ambient street noise, considered against the considerably louder equivalents throughout the european continent, was reasonably low. unfortunately, most of the passersby appear to be speaking english (tourists, i assume). 

hallgrimskirkja pipe organ (reykjavik): on my final sunday in reykjavik, i waited for hallgrimskirkja’s normal church services to end so that i was able to record a piece of the pipe organ exit music, and icelanders leaving the church for other destinations. i contemplated my imminent return to the united states and the disasters that awaited me, while people streamed past aglow with a look of spiritual surety on their faces. overcome with emotion, i had to leave, the recording somewhat incomplete...