"...obsidian steps into infinity..." is the thirteenth release from solid.grey.sky.recordings. It is available in digital format only. 

The second full-length album from The Valley Of Wolves pushes far beyond the form and functions of it's predecessor. The icy cold ambience is still present, but rather than focusing on the intimacy of the darkness within, '...obsidian steps into infinity...', concerns the infinite expanse beyond our understandings. Utilizing field recordings, natural ambient and binaural information, heavily treated guitars, tape machines and broken synthesizers, Graham Vile has created a dense spectrum of sound that defies simple genre restrictions. 

"this record could be taken as the soundtrack to my life as a kid. growing up in a basement in some shitty town in the middle of nowhere, with thick heavy fog coming in off the ocean. a noxious wind blowing through the cemetaries and deserted industrial parks. hearing your neighbors shitty metal band through the walls. filling your head with mind altering chemicals so you can escape into infinity."

For fans of dark ambient, black metal, and noise!

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