"play machines" is the twenty fourth release from solid.grey.sky.recordings. It is available in digital format only. 

"after the last album, i wanted to change things up a bit sonically. do something less obviously aggressive, but still punishing. more ambient but more bleak. less guitar and more synths. less planning and more improvisation. which is why this record sounds different from all the previous ones; the title 'play machines', refers not only to the instrumentation used but also the method of composition." - graham vile

Stripping away the metallic aggression of the previous album, "play machines" forgoes the guitars in favor of pure black monoliths of electronic sound. Rolling walls of synthesizer drones sludge towards the horizon against the hiss and crackle of binaural field recordings. Based on a series of improvisational live recordings, the songs were built up layer by layer, before being stripped down to almost nothing again...leaving almost physical traces of industrial grind. "play machines" may be the 'lightest' album from 'the valley of wolves', but it is by no means light... 

For fans of dark ambient, early industrial, and noise!