"spanish field recordings | part two | san sebastian & bilbao" is the twenty-ninth release from solid.grey.sky.recordings. it is available in digital format only.

all tracks recorded in october 2013 in various locations in san sebastian, and bilbao, spain.

in all cases, the audio is only edited to remove undesirable microphone handling, input overloads (usually due to wind), or unexpected events. 

please note that the overall dynamics are not heavily compressed, so you may experience wild dynamic shifts per track. please adjust your set accordingly. 

field notes:

[san sebastian] breakfast on del buen pastor plaza: recorded near the buen pastor cathedral, while having breakfast outdoors.

[san sebastian] supermerkatu: recorded on a trip to the supermarket in the downtown area.

[san sebastian] museum film: recorded in the castillo de la mota, monte urgull. the film recounts the various wars inflicted on san sebastian throughout the years.

[san sebastian] wind through leaves / machines: recorded while walking down the kaimingaintxo plaza, returning from monte urgull. there was a nice breeze coming from the water, and several construction machines. plenty of conversations in the basque language can be overheard.

[bilbao] bus ride to bilbao: recorded onboard a bus traveling from san sebastian to bilbao. plenty of conversations in basque can be overheard.

[bilbao] guggenheim richard serra installation: recorded in the guggenheim museum, from inside the massive richard serra installation, “the matter of time”. you can clearly hear the massive space housing the installation, as well as another level of reverberation from inside the metal structures. the recording also features a large class of very loud french schoolchildren.

[bilbao] guggenheim pop art exhibit: recorded in the guggenheim museum, in one of the large galleries, during a temporary exhibit of american pop art. 

[bilbao] guggenheim antoni tapies exhibit: recorded in the guggenheim museum, in one of the large galleries, during a visiting exhibition of works by the artist antoni tapies. 

[bilbao] guggenheim outdoor entry plaza: recorded in the outdoor entry plaza to the guggenheim museum, during lunch, before returning to san sebastian by bus.

[san sebastian] basilica de santa maria at midnight: recorded at the basilica de santa maria at midnight, in the hopes of recording the very loud cathedral bells, however, despite recording a great deal of people passing through the area, the bells never rang. 

[san sebastian] basque pride march: recorded during lunch near the buen pastor cathedral, including bells ringing from the cathedral, while a sizeable basque pride march passes through the area.

[san sebastian] donostia station (waiting to board): recorded in the waiting area at donostia station, killing time until the renfe to barcelona arrives.

[san sebastian] renfe to barcelona: recorded during the train arrival in the station plus actual boarding and departure, from the outside through to within the passenger cabin.