"westward expansion" is the fifteenth release from solid.grey.sky.recordings. It is available in digital format only.

"My idea was to create an imaginary audio travelogue through the American West, as heard during the period in history when settlers were just beginning to explore the territories captured during the Mexican War. To imagine the sensations of seeing an entirely new, never seen before, landscape; the euphoria of an explorer treading through endless expanses of alpine deserts; an extraordinary moment in a life which, all too often, was otherwise violent and short. To orchestrate an alien yet emotionally resonant style of music that would transport the listener through time, to place you in the middle of a sun drenched meadow with no human life for miles around. 

 The album 'westward expansion' is comprised of long form compositions in a style that I personally consider 'ambient americana'. Sound sources include field recordings made throughout the Western Territories, blissed out electronics, various guitars, vintage vinyl recordings run through modern digital effects, rhythmic noise, cowboy television shows, and more...though they are often reworked beyond the point of unrecognizability. These are full frequency range recordings to be played at any volume, at any level of attention. A lullaby from a past life to draw you slowly into unconciousness..." 

Designed as an exploration into extreme long form composition, 'westward expansion' is a submersive listening experience spanning a duration of three hours. For fans of Steve Roach, Robert Rich, Lull, and O Yuki Conjugate. 


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