'zonekiller (original motion picture soundtrack)' is the twenty second official release from solid.grey.sky.recordings. It is available in physical and digital format.

"this is the soundtrack to an as-yet-uncompleted film from digital matrix, llc. a group of san francisco / tokyo based filmmakers.

they approached me as fans of some of my earlier, more "electro / industrial" albums, and asked me to do some new tracks for them to shoot and cut to. it was nice to be asked, so of course i couldn't resist, and cut a handful of new "industrial" pieces. then i suggested maybe filling in some more typical "soundtrack / ambient" pieces as well. all the material was well received. now we just have to wait for them to finish the film... they think it will be ready in 2015... in the meantime, the original motion picture soundtrack will have to do..."

music from the film 'zonekiller'
courtesy of digitalmatrix films, llc.
all songs composed and produced by tyler newman
recorded at solidgreysky, oakland ca
mastered at corrosive-audio by da5id din
art and design by vlad mcneally



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