Battery Cage was formed in 1995 by Tyler Newman, Jeremy Page, and AJ Kaelin. After establishing themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the Boston industrial scene, they signed a deal with SINless Records, and delivered their first album "Product" in 1997. An uncompromising amalgamation of distorted vocals, brutal beats and dissonant melodies, "Product" was set to explode on a scene beginning to stagnate. Unfortunately, SINless Records closed it's doors as the album was delivered, and the album was shelved until it's re-issue in 2005. Jeremy and AJ left the band after this to pursue other projects, leaving Tyler as the sole remaining member.

In 2001, Tyler and Josh Greco (who engineered "Product") assembled a new band, and began work on a new album. "World Wide Wasteland" was the end result, moving into a more club oriented sound than the previous album. In 2003, was formed in order to release the bands first single, "Ecstasy", which gained the attention of DJ's around the world. After enjoying some modest success from the single, the band was sought out by Metropolis Records, who quickly signed them to a multi-album deal and released "World Wide Wasteland" immediately.

2005 saw the second release from, the remastered re-issue of their debut album "Product". Featuring brand new artwork, extensive liner notes and a completely remastered sound, the re-issue won the band all new fans by displaying their earlier, more aggressive sound.

After a few years of development, "A Young Person's Guide To Heartbreak" was issued on Metropolis Records in 2006, accompanied by the bands second single; the ironically titled "Single". This record is considered by many to be the bands most mature work to date, proving once and for all that Battery Cage cannot be pigeonholed into any one genre. This was followed in 2008 by "Forever Never Ends", a double EP of new material and remixed tracks from "A Young Person's Guide To Heartbreak".

At this time, the band is currently on hiatus. Expect some newly remastered archival releases soon!