In late 2001, members of [band name withheld] were approached by [name withheld], a well known adult film company, to score an upcoming picture. Although the theme of the film lent itself well to their skills, releasing under their primary project name was not possible due to contractual issues with their label.

Heading into the studio, they set to work creating an all encompassing mix of moody downtempo beats and sensual electronic melodies, fused with choral and ethnic samples. After several weeks of work, the band had six tracks ready for incorporation into the film. However, during this time, the director of the film had died from a drug overdose, and the film remained uncompleted. Due to additional contract legalities with the film studio, the band was unable to repurpose and release the six songs on their own.

Recently, the studio informed the band that the contract term had expired, and they were free to do whatever they wished with the tracks. is pleased to be allowed to finally issue the debut and final album of Opium, retitled "Twilight", to be enjoyed in the privacy of your own bedroom.