"Product" was the first release from solid.grey.sky.recordings, after being remastered from the original master tapes, in 2005. It is available in both digital and CD versions. From the liner notes...

"Looking back at it now, it's a miracle this record was ever finished. Our receipe was flawed from the start: a bunch of misanthropic young haters with a taste for drugs and a talent for overly complex electronic beats; yet somehow we ended up completing this album after three long years of work."

Drawing disparate elements from a variety of genres, 'Product' was intended to set the benchmark for industrial music on it's release. Due to circumstances beyond the bands control, the debut album was not to see widespread release until it's remastering in 2005. As powerful as it ever was, 'Product' continues to make waves a decade after it's completion, with songs like 'Sworn', 'Static', and the popular Informatik remix of 'Blunt Force Trauma'. For fans of harsh industrial, drum and bass, and noise!


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