new video from one horse town: 'figures seen on the horizon'

 a new video from one horse town has been released, for the song 'figures seen on the horizon', taken from the album 'the oregon trail (original soundtrack)'. the film was shot on location in lake tahoe, ca in the summer of 2013.


'zonekiller' original soundtrack is now complete!

the soundtrack to the upcoming film 'zonekiller' has been completed, consisting of seventeen pieces composed specifically for the film. currently awaiting licensed artwork from the film, the album will be released in summer 2013, ahead of the films release.

composer tyler newman says "the soundtrack is a blend of contemporary production techniques, vintage songwriting and sound design. i was approached by the filmmakers because of my background in a more industrial style of music, so i wanted to do something that was completely electronic, and more focused on sound design than danceable beats...although there definitely is a little bit of that in there as well. i wanted something that would mesh as easily in todays outrun scene as in an 80's influenced industrial club."

the film, described by the production team as a "conceptual mesh of 'blade runner', '28 days later', and '2001', is currently in production, and hopes to release in 2015.


a new ep from one horse town currently under construction

a new ep release from one horse town is currently being recorded. 

it is called 'the continental divide' and will be released this summer.


aec 'hate life' album reviewed at

aec's album 'hate life' got nine/ten rated here at (in russian).

the google translated review is interesting, to say the least.

"And here we have the emotional and energetic album "Hate Life", which has a red-hot atmosphere ofigenskuyu mehanoidnuyu rhythm and all the other necessary ingredients to lure fans integrated and disheveled, eclectic and aggressive old school nezamutnennogo harshevogo electric indastriela."

not too shabby...

Mar192013 compilation now available

the second digital label sampler is now available. 

it features all currently active projects, and is largely compiled of new and exclusive tracks.

you can and definitely should download the compilation for free by clicking here.


opium "twilight" now available in digital and physical format

the debut and final album from opium, "twilight", is now available in both physical and digital formats. 

please click here to preview the tracks or purchase the album.

also available on amazon, and spotify, other digital outlets to follow.


opium "twilight" master completed!

the upcoming album from opium has passed through mastering and is currently in replication. digital versions will be online by the weekend! pretty exciting news, finally this twelve year old album will be officially launched in the upcoming weeks!

cover art below!



informatik - playing with fire - trailer video

Informatik - Playing With Fire - Trailer from tyler newman on Vimeo.


the trailer video for the upcoming informatik album 'playing with fire'.

Informatik - Playing With Fire - MET825 - March 26, 2013

Audio by Informatik
Video by tyler.newman.films


ha giang vietnam : section two

here is the second video from our trip to vietnam. this covers our motorcycle journey through ha giang province, and our trip to the chinese border. ha giang is a remote province and is rarely visited by tourists.

soundtrack by tyler newman and ned kirby.

recommended viewing in full screen with headphones.


hanoi vietnam : section one

here is the first video from vietnam. this one covers the time in and around hanoi. soundtrack by tyler newman and ned kirby. there will be another video coming soon. 

recommended viewing in full screen with headphones.

Nov052012 compilation in the works

work is underway on the next free label sampler "", celebrating twenty albums from the label. 

with luck, the compilation will be out by xmas, and will feature unreleased music from all the acts on the label, including battery cage and aec!

stay tuned!


aec - hate life reviewed at Coma-Music

the nice young men over at Coma-Music have given 'Hate Life' a very nice review, won't you please click on the link and read about my excellence:

click here for the full review

"Hate Life is a very emotional release. It was recorded, mixed, and a few songs received club play but for the most part it was left under wraps. For you Battery Cage fans this is a must have."


vietnamese photos and field recordings are live

- the photos are now viewable here. just click any photo to step into the lightbox and use the arrows to navigate between shots. there are two pages of photos, in total.

- the latest installment of field recordings; "vietnamese field recordings" is now available for download and streaming. extensive field notes and individual track art are included with the downloaded version.

- informatik t-shirts are slowly becoming available online at the merch store. supplies are extremely limited. more t-shirt styles are coming soon, as well as battery cage and aec t-shirts.


new works in progress!

some cool new projects currently in the works:

- work is officially underway on a new album from negative_crush, tentatively titled 'let pain be your guide'.

- work is officially underway on a new album from k-ninja's. this will be the follow up to the debut album 'enter the poontang clan' which was completed in 2002, and will be released on very soon.

- a new album of field recordings, recorded in vietnam, is in the artwork and mastering stages.

- a new merchandise store is about to be unveiled.


aec - hate life reviewed at iDie:youDie

the nice young men over at iDie:youDie gave 'Hate Life' a lovely review, which i recommend you take a look at:

click here for the full review

"It’s a neat experience to take in an LP like this as a sort of time capsule, presenting flash frozen examples of the various sounds Newman was investigating, often at the peak of their critical and commercial success: American coldwave, darkwave, and good old fashioned electro-industrial all crop up in equal turns and ably balanced. "

it's really a great review...


AEC - "Hate Life" full length album now available!

Yes, after languishing for almost a decade, the debut album from AEC is finally available in both physical and digital formats!! It can be purchased on iTunes, Emusic, Amazon, or Bandcamp.


new one horse town limited edition release is in the works!

one horse town is currently recording a new limited edition release, entitled 'cobalt variations volume one'. the material is a continuing exploration of long-form ambient americana, and focuses on nuclear testing in the american southwest and south pacific ocean.

the release will utilize cassette tapes and will be presented in a hand assembled package in extremely limited quantities. 

this is all extremely exciting!


"solid.grey.spaces" now available

the latest collection of field recordings is now available via bandcamp! clickity click until you've got one! 

attractively priced at just two dollars, the collection is comprised of field recordings of physical spaces and machines and is aimed at fans of industrial noise (in the purest sense), dark ambient, and field recordings. don't miss it!


"...obsidian steps into infinity..." finally available

although it took a lot longer than expected, the new album from the valley of wolves is now available. 

graham had this to say about it:

"this one is the best record we've made so far. definitely the heaviest, and definitely an indicator of future work to come. unlike the first album, this one costs something...even though it's close to nothing. i want to see if people are willing to buy it instead of just ignoring another album that's free...and i want my two dollars..."

you can check it out here and here.


"westward expansion" now on bandcamp!

the album 'westward expansion' is now available via bandcamp.

the album is still a free download, but allows me to have greater control over how the information is presented. 

go forth, download and enjoy!